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About John Burch

Dr. John Burch: A Visionary for Peace and Global Sustainability

Dr. John Burch has dedicated his life to fostering peace, unity, and sustainability on a global scale. He has a prolific record of promoting these issues through various initiatives he founded and participated in. Understanding his legacy requires a deeper look into his work with Beyond War in the '80s, the Foundation for Global Community in the '90s, and other major contributions, such as the innovative axes shift diagram of LoveShift, as well as the potent concept of "Big C."

Beyond War and the Foundation for Global Community

In the 1980s, during a time of heightened tensions and escalating threats of nuclear warfare, Dr. Burch believed that it was crucial to change society’s perspective on war and promote peace. Recognizing the urgency of the threat, he joined Beyond War, a grassroots movement aimed at fostering peace by encouraging people to shift beyond the concept of war to achieve conflict resolution. As a significant contributor to the group, Dr. Burch played a pivotal role in spreading the organization's vision of a world where conflicts are resolved without resorting to violence.

In the 1990s, Dr. Burch continued his peace advocacy and became a part of the Foundation for Global Community. The organization’s mission reflected Dr. Burch's personal philosophy of promoting unity, sustainability, and global responsibility. His work with the organization furthered his development as a thinker and leader in the global community, shaping his commitment to the principles of cooperative survival.

Origination of LoveShift's Axes Shift Diagram

Another significant contribution by Dr. Burch is the "Axes Shift" diagram of LoveShift, which he founded and currently manages as webmaster. LoveShift is a platform that aims to prompt a shift in the collective consciousness to respond to global crises more effectively. The Axes Shift diagram visually represents this philosophy; it illustrates how individual transformation (the shift from "I to We" and from "Now to Forever") can lead to global change. Dr. Burch's diagram emphasizes the idea that our planet's survival depends on our ability to shift from a self-oriented, short-sighted perspective to a collective, long-term viewpoint.

Big C: The Power of Collective Thought and Action

Expanding on the idea of collective transformation, Dr. Burch conceived the principle of "Big C," symbolizing the enormous potential we can achieve when we harness our collective thoughts and actions. The "C" stands for "Collective," and Dr. Burch has used this concept to demonstrate the significant energy that can be released when humanity unites its intellectual and physical efforts for a common goal.

More than just an inspirational thought, the "Big C" concept has practical applications in several domains, such as resource management, environmental conservation, political discourse, or any other field where collective action can make a significant difference.


Today, Dr. John Burch continues to challenge conventional wisdom and invite humanity to think differently about our future. His work with Beyond War and the Foundation for Global Community in the '80s and '90s, respectively, set the stage for his current initiatives. The axes shift diagram of LoveShift and the remarkable concept of "Big C" are an intersection of his beliefs: transformation at a personal level, broadening to a collective scale, can lead to meaningful global changes. Dr. Burch's vision underscores the need for humanity to respond collectively and constructively to the challenges that confront our global community. His legacy is a testament to what we can achieve when we shift our perspectives and channel our collective power towards global sustainability. PROLIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS OF DR. JOHN BURCH TOWARDS GLOBAL PEACE AND SUSTAINABILITY

Pioneering global peace, unity, and sustainability, Dr. John Burch has made a profound impact through his various endeavors. Over the past decades, his participation in organizations like Beyond War and the Foundation for Global Community, his conceptualization of LoveShift's Axes Shift diagram and idea of "Big C" have all aided in transforming our perceptions of the world. This essay highlights his notable achievements and how they collectively contributed to his pioneering cause.


Dr. Burch's journey towards fostering peace and unity commenced in the 1980s, during a period marked by mounting tensions and escalating threats of nuclear warfare. It was during this time that he associated himself with Beyond War, a grassroots organization committed to promulgating peace. The organization aimed to inculcate a shift in mentalities, urging people to explore means of conflict resolution beyond war, and promote peace in every sphere. As an influential contributor, Dr. Burch played an instrumental role in proliferating the organization's vision, thereby striving for a world that solves conflicts without turning to violence.


Continuing his crusade for peace in the 1990s, Dr. Burch associated with the Foundation for Global Community, an organization whose ethos matched his personal philosophy. The foundation advocated unity, sustainability, and global responsibility – values that resonated deeply with Dr. Burch’s aspirations for a harmonious world. His involvement further honed his leadership qualities and solidified his commitment towards the notion of cooperative survival.


Dr. Burch's next major contribution was his inception of the "Axes Shift" diagram as part of his initiative, LoveShift – a platform he founded and continues to manage. LoveShift is aimed at prompting a shift in collective consciousness to enable humanity to deal with global crises more effectively. His Axes Shift diagram encapsulates this philosophy, illustrating how an individual's transformation from thinking about 'me' to 'we' and from 'now' to 'forever', can stimulate global change.


Furthering his idea of collective transformation, Dr. Burch propounded the principle of "Big C," which signifies the infinite potential we can unlock when we amalgamate our thoughts and actions. According to Dr. Burch, the "C" stands for "Collective", indicating the boundless energy that can be harnessed when humanity joins forces towards a shared goal. The principle of "Big C" holds practical implications in fields ranging from resource management to political discourse, reiterating the considerable impact of collective action.


Presently, Dr. John Burch continues his epic journey towards global peace, unity, and sustainability. His involvement with Beyond War and the Foundation for Global Community, coupled with his innovative concepts, such as the Axes Shift diagram and "Big C", have set forth a transformative path. His contributions are living testament to the power of collective thought and action, endorsing the idea that by changing our perspectives and combining our efforts, we can foster an environment of sustainable global peace. Dr. Burch's enduring legacy serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring humanity to partake in the collective responsibility of constructing a sustainable future.

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