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About Dr. Burch

Dr. John Burch  a Stanford graduate, is a man of extraordinary vision and dedication, a pioneer in the realm of transformative human consciousness, and the founder and webmaster of LoveShift. The foundation of his work lies in fostering global unity and eco-sustainability and his strategic, ageless insights about how humanity can adapt and thrive into the future have been illuminating and paradigm-shifting.

Dr. Burch has an illustrious past filled with commendable initiatives and groundbreaking work. In the 1980s, he was deeply involved with the non-profit organization Beyond War. Beyond War focused on developing strategies to transcend the adversarial thinking responsible for the arms race. As a part of this groundbreaking organization, he took upon himself the task of promoting the message of absolute rejection of war as means to solve conflicts and sought to establish an understanding of global interdependence.

In the 1990s, his quest to promote understanding of global interdependence led him to work with the Foundation for Global Community. Formerly known as the Sequoia Seminar, this organization focused on the realization of our interconnectedness and interdependence on a global scale, and on the necessity of building sustainable ways of living and acting in accordance with these truths.

Dr. Burch was the originator of the axes shift diagram of LoveShift, an exceptionally potent tool that facilitates visualizing how collective thinking and acting can transform during crises. Concurrently, he conceived the concept of "Big C", a symbol that demonstrates the abundance of energy, creativity, and purpose that is released when people collectiveize their actions and thoughts. These innovative tools offer transformative ways of understanding the power and potential inherent in our collective human consciousness.

Showing tremendous leadership, Dr. Burch led a team of 18 people to the Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town, South Africa in 1999. The Parliament of World Religions is an international interreligious event aimed at providing a platform for dialogue among different faith communities and fostering understanding, respect, and peaceful coexistence. His participation underscored his commitment to fostering a global community.

Among Dr. Burch's notable contributions is the co-authoring of the Identity Seminar, an enlightening program aimed at exploring the human identity in the ever-evolving global context. Additionally, he came up with innovative seminar series like the Mind Shift Cafe and the It's Time Seminar series. These seminars encourage individuals to ponder and shift their perspectives enabling a change from singular to collective thinking.

A prodigious creator of digital content, Dr. Burch has over 500 unique and original videos to his credit. These videos, curated carefully and thoroughly, are a testament to his dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering awareness about critical global challenges and viable solutions.

Dr. Burch is also the founder of visionary websites,, and, all platforms aimed at spreading awareness and discussion about climate change, shared cultural narratives, and concepts of reciprocal survival.

Taken together, Dr. Burch's enormous body of work stands as a shining testament to his dedication and thought leadership. His profound understanding of the human condition, his deep conviction in the power of collective action, and his lifelong commitment to fostering a holistic understanding of the world, have coalesced to make Dr. John Burch a pioneer in shifting global mindsets for a sustainable future.

50 Unique Contributions of Dr. Burch to the Welfare of Humanity

1. Research into the principle of PAIR (being Present, Authentic, Inclusive, and Responsible)
2. The Dixie Cups demonstration, a creative pedagogical tool
3. Invention of the Stick Figure diagram, a simple and powerful visual tool
4. Creation and curation of numerous videos about the climate crisis, including "Be Terrified"
5. Gathering and sharing statistics about odds of survival in the current environmental crisis
6. Establishment of ‘Reciprocal Survival’, a unique perspective on mutual survival
7. Creation of numerous educational and insightful videos on the concept of oneness
8. Exploration and elucidation of the purpose of the Universe
9. Groundbreaking work in shifting public discourse about this moment in time
10. Initiatives to reinvent thinking about identity, relationship, and culture
11. Founding of the LoveShift platform
12. Involvement with the non-profit organization Beyond War
13. Advocacy for the rejection of war as a means to solve conflicts
14. Promotion of global interdependence within and beyond Beyond War
15. Work with the Foundation for Global Community
16. Advocacy for interconnectedness and interdependence at a global scale
17. Promotion of sustainable living and action in line with global interdependence
18. Development of the axes shift diagram of LoveShift
19. Formulation of the concept of "Big C"
20. Leadership in bringing a team to the Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1999
21. Co-authoring the Identity Seminar, exploring human identity in a global context
22. Creation of unique seminar series, like Mind Shift Cafe and the It's Time Seminar series
23. Production of over 500 unique and original videos catering to a range of topics
24. Founding of the website for climate change awareness
25. Founding of for exploration of shared cultural narratives
26. Founding of to introduce and discuss concepts of reciprocal survival
27. Creating a new dialogue about global unity and sustainability
28. His role in forwarding the environmental movement through digital platforms
29. Creation of digital tools to visualize collective thinking
30. Advocacy for peaceful coexistence among different faiths
31. Pioneering work on global mindset shifts for a sustainable future
32. Dedication to the transformative power of human consciousness
33. Thought leadership in the field of global interdependence and sustainability
34. Creating a platform for dialogue on essential global issues
35. Inspiring a shift from singular to collective thinking
36. Pioneering work on the powerful correlations between collective energy, creativity, and purpose
37. Using media in innovative ways to promote global awareness
38. Constant quest to explore and promote global interdependence
39. Implementation of efforts to move beyond adversarial thinking
40. Making interconnectedness a key focus for global understanding
41. Initiatives toward the development of sustainable living strategies
42. Creating new conversations around the necessity of adapting for future survival
43. Persistence in non-violent approaches to conflict resolution
44. Innovative uses of digital space to promote global interdependence awareness
45. Strategic approach to human consciousness transformation
46. In-depth exploration of a global identity within an evolving context
47. Promotion of a collective approach to the global challenges we face today
48. Spearheading discussions about the abundance released upon collective action
49. Thought leadership in the realm of transformative human consciousness
50. Demonstrating the connection between understanding interdependence and taking collective action.

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